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Making the most of your Septic Service is an important consideration for the health and well-being of your family and business.  All Septic Services is your premier choice with a variety of services to cater for every requirement.

Services offered by All Septic Services include:

Full Installation of NEW Septic Systems

All Septic Services offer Turnkey or full installation – from start to finish, including an in house team of Electricians, Plumbers & Excavators to ensure premium service. Taking the hassle out of having to arrange multiple contractors to get the job done.


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Servicing of your Aerated Wastewater treatment system (AWTS)

In accordance with local councils and NSW Health your aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) requires servicing on a quarterly basis. Councils maintain a register of each AWTS and require that service providers forward a copy of this report once a quarterly service has been completed.

Systems in poor condition can not only pose a health risk but can become more costly in the long term then a regular servicing schedule.

At All septic services we provide experienced and qualified technicians to ensure optimum performance of your AWTS by extensive tests and checks performed during this regular servicing as outlined below

The following items will be checked at each 3-monthly service:

  • the efficiency of the chlorinator
  • the chlorine tablets—replenishing as required
  • the irrigation pump
  • the operation of the blower (including cleaning the blower filter)
  • the efficiency of the sludge and skimmer return system
  • the condition of all pipes and hoses
  • the efficiency of the irrigation sprays

The following items will be tested at each 3-monthly service:

  • the high level water alarm
  • the low air alarm
  • the clarity of the water
  • the pH level of the water
  • the free residual chlorine level

The following annual check/test will be performed:

  • observation of sludge accumulation in the septic tank


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Pre-purchase Inspections

It is a small investment that could save you thousands in the long run… not to mention the public health and environmental issues – of ending up with a failing septic system.

A Pre-purchase inspection service is available at the request of home purchasers or Solicitor/Conveyancer prior to the sale and settlement or transfer of ownership of a property.

Following the inspection All septic services provides to the applicant a written report about the state of the system and any other matters relating to the system that may have been identified.

A pre-purchase inspection is strongly recommended if you are intending to purchase a property with an existing on-site sewage management system.

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Septic pump out

All septic services can supervise the pump out / sludge removal of AWTS. This can minimise the risk of the system being damaged, it also gives us the opportunity to inspect the internals of the tank, and ensure that all parts and panels are intact and functional. If required we will refill the system with your own water supply or can arrange to have a water tanker to refill the system.
Some systems require the partial removal of the main lid, to gain access to all sections of the system, this is required to ensure that all sludge and solids are removed. Generally under normal conditions a domestic system will require a pump out every 5-7 years. In some cases due to larger families or the use of products not recommended for septic systems, such as chemicals (Bleach and disinfectants) and sanitary items being flushed into a system, the period between pump out’s will be greatly reduced.

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Commercial Septic Systems

All septic services offer a large range off commercial systems to treat effluent flows from 2000 litres per day to 40000 litres per day

Commercial systems are purpose built for each situation. All septic services engage leading Environmental consultants to design each system to ensure water quality meets all NSW Health requirements.

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Septic tank repairs

All septic services specialises in major repairs of septic systems that have failed. Old aerated waste water systems can be returned to like new by replacing damaged or deteriorate internal components

Why install a new septic system which cost 1000s of dollars when you can repair your old septic system for far less then a new.


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Confined Space Training

All septic services personnel are trained for entry into confined spaces to carry out work and have all the necessary safety equipment to perform these tasks.

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